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Executive Leadership Team

Ethyn O'Grady

Chief Executive Officer & Founder Cache Tasktuta

Bernardo Lohmann

Chief Executive Officer Tasktuta

Ella O'Grady

Chief of People Performance

Jason Bernie

Chief of Innovation

Justin Light

Chief of Products

Nicola Lee

Chief Financial Office

Saoirse Adaman

Chief of Legal Services

Sarah Monsson

Chief of Marketing & Relations

Board of Directors

Ethyn O'Grady


Quentin O'Grady

Board Member

Natalie O'Grady

Board Member

Our committment to gender equality.

Our ongoing committment to gender equality within our six brands starts with our executive leadership team. We have implemented a 50/50 recruiting requirement across all of our leadership departments group-wide. Currently, the Cache Tasktuta executive team stand at fifty percent male and fifty percent female. This change will create a more diverse and inclusive culture for our groups's future.